FREE Padded shorts and shirt

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FREE Padded shorts and shirt

Postby PapaCrisis » Wed Jul 22, 2015 4:40 pm

these are mens size medium shorts and shirt. I bought them for football a couple of years ago (they have been washed regularly LOL) and are in good condition.

they are in good shape. the shorts might need to have the waistband tacked ( i have trouble with them sliding down when wearing them under regular shorts, the football pants kept them in place)They aren’t “derby”padded shorts but they will making bouncing back up a little easier when you land on your hips or back. could be useful for anyone new to skating

one of the first thing crisis told me when she started teaching me to skate was “You are going to fall; if your not falling down your not pushing yourself and having as much fun as you could be”

tried to upload pictures but they are too large let me know if your interested and I can text or email you photos

FREE to a good home, when you finish with them if they are still usable wash them and give them to some one else
I will have them at the bout this weekend just ask me for them and you can have them
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