Seeking a Roomate

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Seeking a Roomate

Postby TheGrayveTrain » Wed Feb 18, 2015 5:42 pm

Hey Roller derby peeps! I'm also posting this information on Facebook, so it's possible I may have it taken without it being someone in this thread, but I will update as soon as I possibly can. Also, I know this isn't exactly a thing for sale, but it's kind of a space

One of my roommates is moving out for the August 2015 - July 2016 rental year and we need to fill the spot as soon as possible. I know some of ya'll have been over parties we've thrown here, but if you're unfamiliar then trust me, it's a sweet house. It's got a porch that can easily accommodate 25-30 people, A sweet hidden backyard where we've set up a firepit, plenty of parking, both on the side of the house and anywhere on the street. It's been well taken care of and you can host a ton of people here for parties, dinner and otherwise. It's in the Boulevard district, but on Nantahala Ave, so classy but not too classy.

It takes about 15 minutes to walk downtown and you can get to the Bottleworks district in about 10.

It's a 3 BR/1BA and rent will be $450. I know the 1 bathroom sounds crazy but it's really not so bad. We've currently got 4 adults and baby living in this house and it's not that bad of a problem. The water heater holds a crazy amount as well, so we're all able to take showers whenever we want. We've also added a bunch of storage space in it as well, so it can accommodate everyone's stuff. The aforementioned rental amount includes unlimited water, all the trash you can fit into our trashcan and a crazy large recycling bin. Factoring in internet, power, and natural gas the total cost usually ranges between $500-540.

Feel free to message me on Facebook or email me at 'seandeeze18 at' (with actual email formatting) if you want more information or a tour. I'd be happy to accommodate.

Thanks everyone!
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