Murder babies come fundraise!

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Murder babies come fundraise!

Postby KaraWhack » Fri Jan 15, 2016 10:02 am

It's no secret, it costs money to do our things. Our yearly budget is up for vote and no matter what we choose, we have to work hard to contribute to the goals we set.

Please join the fundraising committee for our next meeting, Monday 1/18 after practice (probably la Parilla) and throw down your talents to help us earn the monies that will contribute to our greatness!

Here are some of our plans for 2016:

Spring Break Scrimmage
Lip Sync Battle
Classic City Scavenger Hunt
Restaurant percentage nights
Rush trampoline percentage day
...and many more!

We need help making these plans reality! Sign up for the fundraising committee for credits AND the satisfaction of contributing to our fiscal success!

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