Street Team ATH Fest 2016

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Street Team ATH Fest 2016

Postby Kat » Thu Jun 23, 2016 11:05 am

Street team to promote our 7/16/16 bout vs Tally

Come to ATH Fest, promote your league, have fun with your friends! :mrgreen: EASY Street team cred

Meet 6pm Saturday 6/25/16 @ 6pm at The World Famous
351 N Hull St, Athens, GA 30601

Violet will have flyers. pls hand out on street & tape up in bars, and in bar bathrooms in place of posters (will have posters Monday)

This is a super important event with thousands of ppl attending, that we can advertise to for FREE, help boot ticket sales & increase our revenues. Please attend.

Post below for credit :mrgreen: 8-) :mrgreen:
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