Committee Credit

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Committee Credit

Postby UnCivilAliCat » Mon Nov 27, 2017 12:30 pm

Sponsorship has several very important jobs that need to be manned rather quickly, as our next bout is only 10 weeks away! If you want to have a job that gives you full committee credits for the month, think about signing up for one of these!

a. Redo, update, and maintain sponsorship spreadsheet (monthly credit)
b. Facebooker to post about sponosrs to CCRG facebook page. Will utilize blrebs created by Civil and approved by Blonde with a set schedule for when to post. (monthly credit)
c. Contact for sponsors about bout program design, vip tix, and slogans to be used by emcee. Make sure that all information is correct and provided in timely manner to program coordinators. (monthly credit for season)
d. Bout Day Stuff- pick up and set up food for dressing rooms, after bout, and potentially afterparty (Credit only for that month)

I would really like some help to maintain our current sponsors and to attract some new ones, too!!


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